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  • (Daniela) D Bartosova

    (Daniela) D Bartosova

    Daniela Bartos, formerly Bartosova, has started teaching at Erasmus University in September 2016. Daniela is a passionate academic and industry practitioner in…
  • (Jelena) J Beocanin

    (Jelena) J Beocanin

  • dr. (Michael) MJ Berghman

    dr. (Michael) MJ Berghman

    Michaël Berghman (1984) is Assistant Professor of Sociology of Art and Culture at the Erasmus School for History, Culture and Communication. Michaël studied…
  • dr. (Pauwke) PPL Berkers

    dr. (Pauwke) PPL Berkers

    Pauwke Berkers was born - earlier than expected - on December 6, 1977, the year that punk exploded. Unwilling to leave the beautiful province of Noord Brabant,…
  • dr. (Sarah) S Bertrand

    dr. (Sarah) S Bertrand

  • dr. (Bram) B van Besouw

    dr. (Bram) B van Besouw

  • prof.dr. (Ton) AM Bevers

    prof.dr. (Ton) AM Bevers

  • dr. (Pawan) PV Bhansing

    dr. (Pawan) PV Bhansing

    Pawan Bhansing is Assistant Professor of Cultural Organisation, Marketing and Management. His main research interest is the cultural and creative industries and…
  • (Giulia) G Bidassi

    (Giulia) G Bidassi

  • (Zeynep) UZ Birsel

    (Zeynep) UZ Birsel

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