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  • dr. (Bram) B van Besouw

    dr. (Bram) B van Besouw

  • prof.dr. (Evert) EH Bisschop Boele

    prof.dr. (Evert) EH Bisschop Boele

  • (Irene) I Blum MA

    (Irene) I Blum MA

    Irene Blum is a Danish researcher and lecturer at the Department of Media and Communication at Erasmus University Rotterdam. She specialises in political…
  • dr. (Leandro) LA Borges Lima

    dr. (Leandro) LA Borges Lima

  • (Balazs) B Boross MA

    (Balazs) B Boross MA

    Balázs Boross is lecturer and PhD Candidate at the Arts and Culture Department of Erasmus University Rotterdam. His NWO funded project 'Television culture in…
  • prof.dr. (Martine) MPA Bouman

    prof.dr. (Martine) MPA Bouman

  • dr. (Laura) LE Braden

    dr. (Laura) LE Braden

    Laura Braden is an Assistant Professor at the Departments of Arts and Culture Studies and Media and Communication of Erasmus University Rotterdam. In addition,…
  • dr. (Amanda) AMC Brandellero

    dr. (Amanda) AMC Brandellero

  • dr. (Frans) FJC Brouwer

    dr. (Frans) FJC Brouwer

  • dr. (Thomas) TA Calkins III

    dr. (Thomas) TA Calkins III