Our partners

To achieve its strategic ambitions Erasmus University collaborates with national and international partners. The desire for collaboration and networking is originally strongly driven by scientific research, but in recent years also increasingly in other areas (such as education, marketing communication) visible.

Strategic alliance Leiden Delft_Erasmus (LDE)

From 2012, the University of Leiden, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam closely in the field of education, research and valorisation.

Brand Alliance 'Make it Happen'

Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Port of Rotterdam and Rotterdam Partners work closely together to put Rotterdam more on the map, in the Netherlands and abroad. The four brand alliance partners present themselves jointly with the new slogan 'Make it Happen'.

Erasmus and Arminius

In collaboration with debate centre Arminius Rotterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam is organising a series of debates in 2019. Relevant and trending topics will be discussed by experts from different disciplines and organisations. View the calendar with upcoming event or look back on the past events.