EUR aims for a safe working and study climate, with an optimal sense of social safety and in which desirable forms of interaction are normal. Within EUR, a network of actors in the field of Health and Safe Working has been set up, including a confidential counselor, study advisers and a student PhD psychologist. In June 2019, this network was expanded with an ombudsman.

Both students and employees can contact the ombudsman for questions and problem situations related to studying or working at EUR. The ombudsman can offer support for questions, dilemmas or conflicts on the shop floor or in a study programme. The ombudsman can offer support in the form of an in-depth conversation, for example, or advice, referral, mediation or the institution of an independent investigation. All contacts with the ombudsman are handled in confidence. The ombudsman is impartial and independent and is not subject to any authority.

Temporary solution

Because of a new position outside the EUR, the current ombuds officer, Edith Weijnen, will formally stop on 1 March 2022. From now on she will not take on any new cases. At this moment the recruitment of a new ombuds official is taking place. If you would like to talk to someone or contact someone in the period until the new ombudsperson is appointed, you can contact the central confidential counsellors, Martin Blok & Debra Young, for advice.

The ombudsman works independently, impartially, and confidentially. The ombudsman may decide to investigate and to advise on structural problems and malpractices within the university.

Employees and students can contact the ombudsman if there is a need for advice, mediation or possible investigation on the work floor or in the study programme; for example, where there are problems in cooperation, conflicts on the work floor or if undesirable behaviour has become structural and long-lasting.


  • Advising groups and/or individual staff and students about the question, dilemma or conflict raised.
  • Adequate referral to the appropriate support facilities within the Healthy & Safe Working network (e.g., confidential counsellors, study advisors, PhD psychologist), primarily within the EUR, but, if necessary, outside the EUR.
  • The ombudsperson only handles complaints if the formal procedures (e.g., complaints committees, objections procedures, interviews) have not led to the desired effect. If the complaint has not yet been submitted to or dealt with by one of the other support organisations in the network, the ombudsperson will refer it to them wherever possible.
  • Mediating and bringing parties back into discussion within appropriate organisational structures.
  • Conducting (a formal) investigation and making recommendations based on this.
  • Mapping the culture with regard to behaviour, making it discussable and improving it and advising the Executive Board.
  • Draw up an annual report and submit it to the Executive Board and EUROPA.

At the start of the ombuds function in 2019, the EUR had indicated in its action plan that the function would be evaluated after two years by an external agency. This evaluation has been carried out by the Governance & Integrity bureau. Their report will soon be discussed in the Executive Board and the results will be shared with the organisation in February/March.

The ombudsman annually draws up an annual report with the most important findings and conclusions of the past (college) year and with recommendations for the future. The annual report 2019/2020 can be found below. The annual report 2020/2021 will soon be discussed in the Executive Board. This report will be shared with the organisation in February/March.

EUR Ombudsman

Martin Blok/Debra Young

Central confidential counselors

In the absence of the ombudsperson, you can contact the central confidential counselors for advice: Martin Blok (tel. 06 2379 2496) and Debra Young (tel. 06 23792580).

The appointment with the ombudsman may take place within EUR or outside it. All contacts with the ombudsman are handled in confidence.

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