The State of Digitalisation

Inspiration for the digitalisation of Erasmus University Rotterdam
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The Chief Information Officer, together with a team of i-professionals, mapped out the developments surrounding digitalisation. Relevant developments within and outside our university have been brought together in a clear manner. With inspiring examples and challenging statements, topics are made practical and concrete. This makes it clear that digitalisation is essential in everything we do in education, research and business operations, now and in the future.

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Digitalisation can contribute to the worldwide transition of the research process towards Open science. Digital platforms can increase the quality of the research process, the innovative capacity, and increase collaboration with other knowledge institutions, social institutions and companies. All this increases the positive social impact that EUR wants to achieve.


Erasmus University does not want to be a remote knowledge institute, but a knowledge center at the heart of society. That is why exchanges between education, research and society must be supported as much as possible through strategically smart technological choices. New businesses and services are developing at a rapid pace, making existing professions less relevant and new ones appearing. In the rapidly digitising world, further training of knowledge and skills is a permanent necessity, for our students as well as our alumni and employees.


Appropriate operational management is essential to support EUR's primary research and education activities as effectively as possible. Digitization and the use of appropriate technology support and offer new possibilities. This increases agility, efficiency and effectiveness and improves resilience in the field of privacy and cyber risks. By moving towards a more data- and process-driven way of working, the university can support and strengthen both internal and external activities and initiatives by lecturers, researchers, students, alumni and partners.

Closing note

All these developments can bring a lot of positives. They do need guidance from the primary process and our Erasmian core values. With the State of Digitalisation as a guideline, we will enter into discussions in the coming period to make the best possible choices for the digitising EUR of tomorrow. 

Ellen van Schoten in Polak Building.

"On behalf of the entire Executive Board, I wish you a lot of inspiration and reading pleasure"

Ellen van Schoten

Vice-president of the Executive Board

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