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Do you want to contribute to a more sustainable planet? On this page, you can read what you can do as a student or employee of Erasmus University Rotterdam to stimulate a sustainable way of living.

Erasmus Involved

Erasmus involved is a collaborative effort of social student initiatives based on the Erasmus University campus. Through this platform we wish to inform you on the different initiatives and their activities. While also keeping you updated on new vacancies, events, or internships from partner companies.

Taking online courses on sustainability

This autumn several new massive open online courses (MOOCs) concerning sustainability will be available. To give you an idea of the options, here are two examples:

  • Technology for Biobased Products, taught jointly by experts from Delft University of Technology, BE-Basic foundation and University of Campinas. In this course, you will learn you about the basics of bio-based production and industrial biotechnology. Start: 1 October 2014.
  • The Age of Sustainable Development, taught by Dr. Jeffrey Sachs of the Earth Institute, Columbia University. Participants will gain a better understanding of the key challenges and pathways to sustainable development. This means economic development which is socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable. Start: Autumn 2014.
  • Other courses given by Delft University of Technology are found here, many of which are also about sustainability. Many more (sustainable) MOOC subjects are available, for more inspiration look around on Coursera or Edx.
Light bulb

Earth Hour

Anyone could join the Earth Hour in the Netherlands and that is exactly what happened. In the Netherlands the number of famous landmarks participating was more than ever, among them was also the Erasmus University Rotterdam. By jointly turning off the lights the unviersity sent a strong signal to show consumers, governments and businesses that we want to pass on a liveable earth.

Facebook group for vegans of EUR

A community of Erasmus University Rotterdam's students and staff who eat (mostly) plant-based and want to see more healthy and sustainable non-animal food on campus. Their mission is to identify plant-based eaters at EUR to provide support for each other and possibly change the food supply on campus to include less animal products and more 100% plant-based options.