Investing in our people for the future

Erasmus Charity Run; de brug tussen onderwijs en sport

Erasmian talent management aims to bring out the in best in all employees, allowing our people to realise their full potential at work, within the context of an ever-changing world.

We can only achieve our mission when we are able to retain employees who have talent and enthusiasm. We will embrace this course together, as a unified community, because our people are the key to success in research, education and engagement. Contributing their talent, passion and motivation, our people make the difference in a world-class environment. At Erasmus University Rotterdam, we are one community of academic faculty and professional staff, relying on each other to maintain our position as a top-ranking institution. To fulfil this ambition, we must increase our appeal for international faculty and staff and redesign our approach to attracting, retaining and developing talent in excellent educators, researchers and professional services staff. Erasmus University Rotterdam aims to be an employer where all employees, regardless of their ethnic or religious background or sexual orientation, have equal opportunities to enter our organisation, grow and develop.

Leaders play an essential role in developing strong, effective teams that are inclusive and diverse, and foster a healthy and positive working environment. We support leaders in their effectiveness in developing high-performing, inclusive teams and fostering a healthy and positive working environment. We are aware of the outflow of talent coming up through the organisation, as well as the ambitions and talents of our current leaders; this anticipatory awareness enables us to create a pipeline of potential successors over time.

It is vitally important to explore, encourage and unlock the diverse potential of all our talented staff. In doing so, we position people within our own organisation to embark on the next challenge in their career. Employees need room to develop (in terms of time, budget and facilities), and they need our support, trust and back-up during development. Agility will be key, and this core quality will be prioritised in our workforce.

Our university is committed to being welcoming, respectful and inclusive. We want to be a university that minimises implicit and explicit barriers, and eliminates any form of harassment that obstructs the full participation of everyone who is part of our community. We will continue to install policies, procedures and practices that facilitate diversity and inclusiveness. These themes are incorporated into the very fabric of the EUR at all levels.

We are committed to providing a challenging and positive working environment for everyone, based on a clearly communicated brand identity: a working environment that provides an open and transparent culture. We offer personal and professional development for all employees and a perspective that is in line with current developments within the organisation and beyond. We will convert this into a strong employer brand. Moreover, we are committed to being an inclusive, equal-opportunity employer.

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