Sustainable Mobility

Erasmus University is committed to sustainability regarding commuting and encourages employees to make consciously informed and preferably sustainable transportation choices. The ambition is to have 25% of the EUR employees and 5% of the students, to come by car. In 2011, 36% of the EUR employees and 11% of the students came by car. When we achieve these objectives, this would mean a reduction in CO2 emissions of around 10,000 kg per week. Moreover, we preventions around 1300 traffic peak occurrences per week and a reduction of around 56,000 km per week.

In 2012, the implementation of the sustainable mobility policies and measures were initiated. In 2013, this was further developed and consolidated. All under the motto: “Think sustainable, travel conscious.” Currently the following actions or opportunities to make sustainable commuting more attractive are implemented:

  • Free personal travel advice; tailored advice on various modes of transport and the cost (car, public transport, bicycle or combination)
  • Entering an attractive public transport scheme: up to € 3.000 (based on full-time employment) is reimbursed
  • Experience the public transport; try it for free for a one month period
  • Electric vehicle charging points in the bicycle for e-bike/e-scooter
  • 8 electric charging points for electric cars in the car park
  • Separate webpages about sustainable mobility
  • New bicycle parking; both under and above ground the capacity will be expanded
  • Carpooling: find a matching system via a carpool buddy
  • Paid parking: € 2,50 per day from 2015 onwards