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Erasmus University Rotterdam's Strategy 2024 focuses on making a positive impact on society. An important part of that positive impact is creating a sustainable world. We do this in the realisation that the pace at which we must help restore our environment for our own survival must be faster than we realised until recently. In the coming years, we will therefore embark on an accelerated sustainability programme.

EUR in top 3 most sustainable higher education institutions in the Netherlands

Our university has risen to #3 of all higher education institutions in the SustainaBul 2024.

Zomer Woudestein

EUR Industry Engagement Monitor

Transparency about partnerships between (fossil industry) partners

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How sustainable is our university?

Our key activities and results until 2022 are presented in our Sustainability Progress Report

Campustuin Woudestein

More than 500 Students & Staff participated in EUR Sustainability Dialogues

Colleagues and students contributed their ideas to set new standards for sustainability at EUR.

Student studeert in de Langeveld Building op Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam.

Sustainability at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Our students about sustainability

I think sustainability should be talked about more and there should be more access to learn about it as well
Marlene Flintrop, second year MISOC student 2023-2024.
Why I’m so involved with the topic of sustainability? I find it important to make a difference in the world and achieve something
Natasza Ciepal, second year MISOC student 2023-2024.
I think it’s important to learn about sustainability in every kind of education, regardless in which sector you will conduct a job in
Szymon Mazaraki, second-year MISOC student 2023-2024.

Sustainability at EUR

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