Community for Learning & Innovation

Do you have an idea to move your education forward? CLI will support to make it happen.

As a lecturer or student you might have ideas to innovate or improve your education. How can you ensure your ideas will be developed and realised? 

The Community for Learning & Innovation (CLI) is eager to help you out. The CLI is a support and knowledge network. Together with the faculty-based Learning & Innovation teams we can offer you the following:

  • Innovation projects: receive support and facilities to realise your idea.
  • CLI Teaching Fellowships: 0.2 FTE will be financed for an education project focused on strengthening or innovating our education.
  • CLI Research Fellowships: perform your educational research assignment with 0.2 FTE salary compensation from the CLI.
  • Student projects: receive advice, practical and/or financial support for your Students-for-Students initiative.

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