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Students’ experiences with online education

Three EUR students active within the Community for Learning

Do you have an idea to move your education forward? CLI will support to make it happen.

As a lecturer or student you might have ideas to innovate or improve your education. How can you ensure your ideas will be developed and realised? 

The Community for Learning & Innovation (CLI) is eager to help you out. The CLI is a support and knowledge network. Together with the faculty-based Learning & Innovation teams we can offer you the following:

  • Innovation projects: receive support and facilities to realise your idea
  • CLI Fellowships: 0.2 FTE will be financed for a project focused on strengthening or innovating our education
  • Lecturer training: work on improving your own education during a training or short course
  • Student projects: receive advice, practical and/or financial support for your Students-for-Students initiative
  • Erasmus Education Lab: organise brainstorms or join an event in an inspiring environment