Community for Learning & Innovation

Students’ experiences with online education

Three students active within the CLI give their opinion

Connect, involve, support

The Community for Learning & Innovation is all about connecting and enabling educational innovation. Connecting one School to the others. Sharing insights, experienced pitfalls, lessons learned from one lecturer with as many other lecturers as possible. Involving students and supporting them to realise their own improvements of our education. Creating a network of EUR students and EUR staff, both academic and supporting, who are eager to take an extra step to improve and renew our education.

Future oriented education

We aim to contribute to Erasmus University’s strategic goal of realising future oriented education. In collaboration with the Schools, CLI develops educational innovations that enable students to pair critical and creative thinking with the acquisition of solid academic knowledge and skills. All of this in a personalised learning environment that combines on-campus and online education.

CLI’s mission put into practice: the communities

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    1. Personal and Professional Development of students
    2. Innovation Capacity of Lecturers
    Personalised and Online Learning
    Plus the
    community of Learning & Innovation consultants and Students-for-Students (S4S)

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