Learning & Innovation events

Many educational innovation related events are organised by the Community for Learning & Innovation. You can find an overview of upcoming and past events on this page.

Upcoming events

  • Inclusive Teaching and Learning Best Practice Workshop - online edition

    How can teachers create an inclusive classroom? This is the central question we will pose during the “Inclusive Teaching and Learning Best Practice Workshop”.

  • Workshop Interdisciplinarity

    What makes a course or a programme ‘interdisciplinary’? How to transcend the multidisciplinarity of the teaching team and to transfer interdiscipliny skills to students?

  • Future Education Hackathon – online edition

    Become the ruler of your (online) education and prepare for your corona'tion!

  • Learning & Innovation bEURs - online edition

    EUR lecturers will share their best practices with you during online workshops, and will inspire you to get the most out of online education possibilities.

Past events