On this page you can find the qualification courses for teachers of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). After completing the course, the lecturer is awarded a certificate and registration in the EUR HR system. The structural qualification programs are: the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ), the Senior University Teaching Qualification (SUTQ) and the Leadership in Education Course (LEC). A Basic Examination Qualification (BEQ) can also be obtained by following a few specific Microlabs. In addition, since 2021, teachers can also obtain the Senior Examination Qualification (SEQ).

  • University Teaching Qualification

    Risbo offers the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) trajectory, which is mandatory for all teachers at Dutch universities.
  • Senior University Teaching Qualification

    The Senior University Teaching Qualification is a trajectory for lecturers in higher education, aiming to improve the fulfilment of their various senior roles.
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  • Basic Examiner Qualification

    EUR teachers can obtain the Basic Examinatier Qualification (BEQ) free of charge, which allows them to refresh and expand their assessment skills.
  • Senior Examiner Qualification

    The Senior Examiner Qualification track helps (future) members of examination boards and program coordinators/directors to strengthen their knowledge and skills
  • Didactics of Delivery

    The Didactics of Delivery in Education trajectory is designed for beginning lecturers, tutors and PHD who would like to improve their didactical skills.

In the Leadership in Education Course (LEC), at multidisciplinary level is key. In this course, lecturers learn to shape innovation in terms of content and process.

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The faculties bear the costs of the basic university teaching courses (everything related to the UTQ). In this way, the faculties ensure that all lecturers are qualified to provide education. However, all follow-up training courses will be funded by the CLI up to and including 2024, because they contribute to educational innovation and increase the over all quality of education. This concerns the SUTQ, SEQ, LEC, MicroLabs and Webinars. Participation in these follow-up courses is therefore free of charge for teachers. The faculties are expected to give lecturers the opportunity (=time) to participate in the training courses. Any additional costs will also be borne by the faculties.

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