MicroLabs are short, online how-to modules about specific educational issues lasting two to four hours. Each MicroLab has a clear goal and a clear result. After an preparation (and qualification) in Canvas you will have a live session MicroLab. In this MicroLab session you start working on your own education material. This means that after the MicroLab, you will have a concrete result for your own education.

The MicroLabs are developed by research and training institute Risbo and made possible by the Community for Learning & Innovation. To keep the MicroLabs interactive, a maximum of 4 to 6 lecturers take part.

At the end of each MicroLab, you complete a proof of competence for your own course.  Are you more interested in getting new information in less time? Then sign up for a 1 hour webinar.  

  • Missed the talkshow Educational Appetizer during the CLI MicroLab summer festival? Our guest speakers Mijke Slot and Sam Riedijk shared a lot of experiences in online education. Sit back and be inspired!


  • Badges

    If your proof of competence receives a positive evaluation, you will be given a virtual badge with one innovation point that you can use in your CV and on social media. There will also be a registration in EUR's HR system. Once you have collected 5 innovation points, you and a number of your peers will be invited to visit 1 or 2 institutions that provide innovative education.

The MicroLabs we offer

Click here to sign up for a MicroLab. EUR teachers can participate for free.


Delivery of teaching sessions

Innovate the design of your course

Microlabs for TA's and tutors

Especially for TA's and tutors we offer different Microlabs. Click here to sign up.

MicroLabs specifically aimed at TA’s and tutors

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