Erasmus Public Speaking Academy

Erasmus Public Speaking Academy aims to provide students with an opportunity to gradually grow their public speaking confidence via practising in a safe, small-group environment. 

Fear of public speaking is one of the predominant fears among students and adults. Nevertheless, the ability to speak in front of people and deliver a clear message is a crucial skill for their future academic and career success.

Erasmus Public Speaking Academy’s training program will consist of 7 small-group sessions and one final event. Each group session will focus on one topic (e.g. Improvisation, body-language, voice, structure, storytelling, audience management, etc.) and will largely utilize active participation. At every session, students will be expected to speak in front of the group and receive feedback, which will help their improvement.

After completing 7 sessions, final public event will take place. Here each participant will apply all their practice, feedback, and knowledge and prepare & present 5min TEDx style presentation in front of a larger audience.

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