Aim, Vision and Values

Studenten in collegezaal

The aim of this implementation plan is twofold: (1) to systematically integrate the D&I values not only into existing curriculum and teaching and student life, but also into research and institutional processes, including support services, and (2) to systematically monitor progress and results on the level of the university, faculty and departmentally.

The vision from 2015-2018 was formulated as follows: "EUR delivers excellent education and research and distinguishes itself by using the available diversity of talent in the best way possible. We offer equal opportunities to everyone and have an inclusive organisational culture in which everyone feels at home and can excel."

In 2018 we made our vision more explicit:

The EUR strives to be an inclusive university:

  •  that attracts and retains talented students, faculty and staff broadly representative of the diverse perspectives in society.
  •  that is active in eliminating implicit and explicit barriers that prevent the full participation of all members of the academic community.
  •  that is active in developing policies, procedures and practices that promote that inclusive culture.

All these above strands are and will remain a continuing process for our community at EUR.


From 2019 onwards, we are guided by four values to achieve our vision by:

1 Freedom of speech for everyone is indisputable, and it is encouraged to express ideas and opinions, civilly.

2 Recognising that competitiveness and innovation is enhanced by the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, knowledge and experiences of our students, faculty and staff members.

3 Social equity, inclusion and dignity are a right for all members of the EUR community, and society as a whole

Harassment and discrimination in any form have no place at EUR. Being bystanders to harassment and discrimination is not to be tolerated either.