Critical Self Reflection

Discern oneself from others through personal and professional reflection
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Critical Self Reflection

The term critical self-reflection refers to the 'power to discern oneself from others through personal and professional reflection on strengths, weaknesses, talents, and goals. This is in addition to knowledge about social identities and the factors that influence the lives of individuals and groups. Central to critical self-reflection is the notion of self-compassion; an important skill and prerequisite to feeling compassion for others. Critical self-reflection is vital to inclusive learning by laying the groundwork for self-esteem and self-knowledge necessary to creating meaningful and safe relationships with different people.

    • Critical Self Positioning Tool
      • Three concrete exercises to help you reflect upon your social background and identity and how these influence your interactions with others.

    Critical Self Positioning Tool

    Reflection on your social background and its influence on your interactions

    Head with brain

    Personal and Social Identity Wheel Activity

    Learn about identities through reflection on how they influence lives and perceptions.


    Social Identity Map

    Understanding your positionality, it’s life impact and consequent emotions

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