Erasmus University Rotterdam has the ambition to develop one of most sustainable campuses of the Netherlands. Several agreements and covenants with the municipality and the government are drawn up to realise this ambition.

Concrete sustainability goals

Concrete goals of Erasmus University Rotterdam in terms of sustainable operations are:

  • 30% more energy efficient in 2020 relative to 2005 (long term energy-efficiency agreement with the government and other universities);
  • a contribution to the Climate Agreement;
  • additional 10.000m2 of green roofs on Campus Woudestein (covenant with the municipality of Rotterdam;
  • a balance between people, planet and profit;
  • in the long term: a climate-neutral campus with an attractive work environment, living and study environment.

Focus points

To further improve the sustainability of the operations, Erasmus University Rotterdam has set up a multidisciplinary sustainability team and an energy team for daily energy management. The goal is to further improve the co-operation, to realise an integral approach to sustainability and to secure the implementation of the sustainability targets the university has committed itself to. These teams work on the different focus points below:

Download the 'Roadmap Sustainable Campus'