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Bachelor International Business Administration

The study programme in a nutshell

The first two years of IBA are taught from a structured curriculum so you get the foundations of knowledge across a range of business functions. The third year is more flexible so you can specialise and follow your interests.

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First year courses

You'll complete four study blocks about essential business processes such as production, marketing, finance, and information management. This overview means you will gain a broad understanding of several dimensions of business administration and management.

In the Strategic Business Plan you will engage with real-life businesses during three study blocks in the first year. You collaborate closely with your chosen company, you will visit the company and analyse its market data. At the end, you will present your well-researched, practical report containing strategic advice for the company and the university.


Second year courses

The second year of the IBA programme has four study blocks. Some courses like the Research Project and Entrepreneurship are done over more than one block. You will explore a range of topics from business law and innovation management to responsible business leadership.

RSM’s IBA programme collaborates with a neighbouring university that is renowned for science, engineering, and design. The Technical University Delft (TU Delft)is less than 20km away. You will team up with TU Delft students in the Technology Management Course to tackle assignments. This creates a mutual understanding for students of business and students of engineering and industry – a crucial skill for any future manager.

Third year courses

You can choose from three options to earn 30 European Credits (ECs) by 1 February in your third year:

  • An international exchange (20-30 ECs) at one of our prestigious partner schools
  • An international internship (20 ECs) with support from the RSM Career Centre
  • An academic minor (15 or 30 ECs) offered jointly with Leiden University and TU Delft.

During the second half of the third year (February to June), you can complement your compulsory courses with your preferred track. You will complete three modules to deepen your knowledge in an area of your interest:

  • Analytical decision makers (data, operations)
  • Behavioural experts (marketing, diversity, behaviour)
  • Business developers (entrepreneurship, innovation)
  • Financial strategist (finance, accounting)
  • Global thinkers (international business, strategy)
  • Performance analysts (finance, accounting)

Throughout the third year, you work towards your bachelor research project, which will be on a subject that is within the track you choose in the second half of the year.


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