Bachelor in Philosophy of a Specific Discipline

A degree in philosophy is an excellent complement to any other degree. In the current age of uncertainty and rapidly advancing technologies knowledge of philosophical problems and skills remains relevant. This programme teaches you to express arguments clearly and to think critically and creatively.



The full curriculum contains 180 European credits (EC) of which 90 EC will be in Philosophy courses. The Philosophy programme offers a set of core philosophy courses which amounts to 63.75 EC. The remaining 26.25 EC are obtained through a specialised set of courses on the philosophy of an EUR discipline (15 EC) and the thesis (11.25 EC). You can use one of two sets of courses (15 EC) offered in block 1 as a minor for your complementary programme. You will get the other 90 EC by taking courses at your complementary study.

Practical information

The main language of the programme is English, but you may answer the exams in Dutch as well. To prevent clashes with lectures and seminars of your complementary programme, philosophy courses will be scheduled between 15.00 and 21.30 hrs. Lectures will be recorded, with the exception of the courses in Philosophy of an EUR discipline. 


In the programme we do not work with prerequisite courses, thus you are free to take up philosophy courses as they are scheduled. However, we advise you to follow the standard learning schedule below. Depending upon your individual wishes you can also make your own schedule.

Information Video: Bachelor of Specific Discipline

Information Video: Bachelor of a Specific Discipline

In this video ESPhil Director of Education Han van Ruler welcomes you to watch this video and will introduce the programme. After that lecturer Jamie van der Klaauw will discuss the content of the Bachelor in Philosophy of a Specific Discipline programme and what it means to study philosophy (next to your other degree). Moreover, he will give practical information on how such a combination works (such as time schedule, lectures etc.). Next to that, we have one of our students of the Bachelor in Philosophy of Specific Discipline, Azra Cutic. She will give first-hand information about her experience to combine her BA studies psychology with philosophy.


This course replaced Philosophy of Science 1. If you already finished Philosophy of Science 1 you will not have to take Foundations of Philosophy.








These courses can be found on MyEUR for current students.

Course guide

For the courses you take at your complementary study, please consult one of the following pages:

Bachelor in Philosophy of Law

Bachelor in Philosophy of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Bachelor in Philosophy of Economics

Bachelor in Philosophy of History, Culture and Communication

Bachelor in Philosophy of Health Policy and Management

Bachelor in Philosophy of Medicine

Bachelor in Philosophy of Management

Bachelor in Philosophy of a Specific Discipline as a single bachelor is also a possible track option.


Please note: After graduation, you will receive a bachelor's degree in Philosophy of a Specific Discipline.

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