Art at Erasmus University Rotterdam

At Erasmus University Rotterdam, art can be found in many places and take many different forms. An Art and Culture Map has been created, including some 60 works. On the university walls, EUR's art collection may be admired, among which many graphic prints may be found - screen prints, linocuts and lithographs as well as photographs. The department of Art Affairs frequently organises exhibitions in the Erasmus Gallery near the auditorium. Art on Loan enables employees to lend works of art. Finally, there is also a medal collection and an historic  collection.

Contact Art Affairs

If you would like to receive invitations for future exhibitions or have any queries regarding the EUR art collection, please contact Art Affairs EUR, phone +31 (10) 40 82802

Art Route

Stroll past the numerous artworks on our campus.

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Erasmus Gallery

Exhibitions on Woudestein campus

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Oorebeek in Polak Building

Art Collection

In the past 50 years we have built an impressive collection of artworks.

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