Erasmus Food plaza (L)

You can get breakfast, lunch, coffees and teas at Erasmus Food Plaza, the campus’s international food court. They serve meals, savoury snacks or sweet treats there, too.

Erasmus Food Plaza’s location

Erasmus Food Plaza is located in Sanders Building on Erasmus Plaza. The food court features various eateries with tables and chairs and a central square with welcoming benches and seats. Curious about our Food Plaza? Have a look in 360º.

See related content for more information about each café and restaurant at the Erasmus Food Plaza and the individual opening hours.

Please note: every Saturday only the HAS is open from 12:00-16:00. The other restaurants are closed.


Campus Woudestein, Rotterdam
Building Letter

Regular opening hours

Monday - Thursday:7:30-20:00
Saturday - Sunday:Gesloten