Connected Learning Symposium

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Come and learn with and from students and alumni! 

Learning for Equality in Rotterdam and Erasmus Verbindt invite you, like-minded (former) students, and practitioners to learn from and with each other. During the symposium, students and alumni will discuss assignments and theses covering a wide scope of topics dealing with (in)equality in the city. Join us and contribute to these efforts to understand and tackle pressing social issues! 

📅 When? Saturday 11 June 2022, from 13:30 to 17:00 hrs (Drinks/borrel later)  

📍 Where?  The Machinist (Willem Buytewechstraat 45, Rotterdam)   

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13:00  Doors open.    

13:30 - 14:00 : Plenary welcoming   

14:00 – 15:20: Parallel sessions (PS)  


PS1: Learning in Action 

EUR students often look for internships that offer the opportunity to contribute directly to solving pressing social issues. Based on a wide scope of internship experiences, presenters in this panel discuss the challenges and value of doing this. How do such internships add to our knowledge and skills? What happens when we step (our knowledge) into action like this?   

Learning in Action 




Jiska Engelbert 

ESHCC, project lead in Smart Cities at VCC) 


Florian Wijker 

board member education at Erasmus Verbindt; Education Coordinator, Academic Outreach Program at D&I; Chair of the Faculty Council - Erasmus School of Philosophy 




Internship Places 

Jacqueline Onyenze 


Big Four company & NGO 

Wiebke Aepkers 

Learning for equality 


Nhung Nguyen  

Learning for equality 


Alex Huang 

Re-Mapping Rotterdam 



Tom Matthijssen 

Mentoren op Zuid 



PS2: Urban segregation around the world 

World-wide social inequalities are mapped into cities, where resources and opportunities are unevenly distributed. This session covers the uneven realities of the Randstad, as well as Bogotá, Santiago, Moscow, and Johannesburg. Presenters discuss policy initiatives, citizen efforts and struggles to fight urban segregation.       


Urban segregation around the world 





Camilo Jauregui  

Social-spatial segregation in Bogota: a self-reinforcing process. 


Social-spatial segregation in Bogota: a multi-dimensional phenomenon 

Urban Sustainability  

MSc in Urban Management and Development 


Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies 

Chuma Mbambo 

The Social Consequences of Infrastructure Development: Evaluating the Impact of E-Tolls on Marginalized Communities in the City of Johannesburg 

MSc in Urban Management and Development 

Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies 


Polina  Shchurova 

The Application of Complexity Theory to the  
Wicked Problem of Spatial Segregation in Moscow 

Urban Sustainability 

MSc in Urban Management and Development 

Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies 


Juneal Holder 

Underdogs Tilting the Scale in Dutch White Spaces: Experiences and Strategies of Academically Educated Black Dutchmen in the Construction and Negotiation of Their Identity in the Netherlands 

MA in Media Culture and Society  



Amanda Lara Wall 

Claiming Dignidad beyond digital dualisms: Off- and online activism in the struggle for an inclusive Chile. 




PS3: Actors and Institutions 

Universities, mainstream media, cultural institutions, the municipality and the tax authorities fail to recognize and include the diversity of people they are meant to serve. Presentations in this panel underscore the urgency of hearing from actors themselves to understand not only institutional in/exclusion, but also the possibilities for social change. 

Actors and institutions 





Fenna Nijboer 

Romy Zhang 

Lara de Vleesschouwer 

Serena van den Boogerd 

Ongekend Onrecht: The toeslagenaffaire from the parents' perspective 

Communicating (in)equality in the city 


William Sampaeo Shain   

Rose Assous 

From Junior to TenEUR: Women’s Obstacles to Equality at the Erasmus University Rotterdam 

Qualitative research through interviewing    



Lara Eikamp 

Perceived Barriers to Culture: How individuals with autism spectrum disorder experience access to cultural institutions in the Netherlands 

RM Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts, Research Design 



Nicky Nathaniël Papilaja 

The Story Unfolds: White Media and The Understanding of Ethnic Diversity_an exploratory research into Dutch media 

Master Media Studies - Media & Creative Industries 



Hanna Griffiths Mumbru, Carlota Guardado, Jeltje van der Haer, Claudia Heese, Thomas de Jong, Savitha Pangad, Giovanni Parente, Jake Tyne, Ekin Su Yilmaz. 

Accessing the digital life: Tackling digital inequalities in Rotterdam 

Honours program Tackling inequalities  



15:20 – 16:00: One-to-One session (posters) 

This session covers inequalities related to gender, migration, post-colonial violence, racism, and gentrification in different parts of the world and in areas as diverse as public transport, beauty standards, and dance. Have the opportunity to speak directly with the authors about these pressing social problems and innovative efforts to fight them.   

One-to-one session 





Floris Gast 

Leone Levi 

Thor Heuer 

Shakti Jacota 

"Where There is Smoke, There is Fire": A Qualitative Analysis of Women Their Perception of Safety on the Rotterdam Public Transport Network in Relation to Infrastructure" 

Qualitative Research  

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Lara Eikamp 

How Do Post-Colonial Inequalities Contribute to Symbolic Violence in the Kizomba Dance Scene? 

BA International Arts and Culture Studies, Research Internship) 


Nicole Salazar 

The voice of those absent: An empirical analysis of the impact of migration on child labor in Ecuador in 2017-2019 

Econometric Analysis of Development Studies 


Ahmad Minaoui 

Competitive advantage of the inner-city: 
Positioning the inner-city-type-of-locations in the current economic situation and the example of San Francisco. 

Urban management and development. 

Specialization: Economic development, entrepreneurship, and innovation 


Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies 


Mahiat Shawrna 

Survey of the Impact of Development in a Small Area (along side of a street) in Mohakhali 

An urban design course Bachelor of Architecture 


Department of Architecture, BRAC University 

Fizza Amjad 

Will blockchain-based innovation and fractional ownership in real estate investment model prove to tackle social exclusion in the middle-class of Pakistan? 

Land management 

MSc in Urban Management and Development 

Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies 

Floris Plak 


Z: Living memories of Rotterdam from a second-generation migrant from Morocco 

Cultural History 



Shakti Jacota  

Cazper Steigstra 

STEM Fields: A Female Perspective on the Relationships between Gender and Work 

Gender studies 


Raychell Enny 

Racism and Discrimination 

Public administration 


Makensie Marten 

Economic Development in the Inner City:  

Social Implications, Limits of Private Interest, and St. Louis, MO 

MSc in Urban Management and Development 


Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies 


Adriana Hernandez Palomino   

The impact of Gentrification on Low-Income Black Women's Social Capital: A case study of the Shaw Neighbourhood in Washington D.C 

Strategic Urban Planning and Policy (SUPP) specialization 


Msc in Urban Management and Development 

Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies 

Jun Jun Ling  

How Dutch East-Asians experience and react to racism 

MA in Media Culture and Society 



16:00 – 17:00 Closing Session: Beyond the text 

This session invites us to discuss and think about social (in)equalities, beyond written documents.

Beyond the text 




Alana and Louise Wieland 

Illustation and Design 


Lis Camelia 



Kwinnie Lê 

Spoken Word 


17:00 Borrel/Drinks 

To close the event and draw new connections with each other, please join us for a drink! 


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