Learning for Equality in Rotterdam

How do university students in Rotterdam engage with social inequalities in the city? What do we learn from their work? This website showcases rich answers to these questions.  

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The collection brings together coursework and Master theses produced by students across EUR disciplines. Courses is a window into the multiple and diverse modules in which lecturers and students work together developing skills and producing knowledge to understand and improve life in Rotterdam. Learning in Action documents the experience of lecturers and students inside and outside the classroom. 

Learning for Equality in Rotterdam shows that there is much to learn from students’ efforts to engage with and fight for social justice. These lessons are especially revealing when they are part of an interdisciplinary dialogue, one that is open to students, lecturers and researchers, as well as the community at large. Welcome!   

Connected Learning Symposium

Dialogues on students' knowledge and positive impact in the city

The collection

brings together coursework and Master theses produced by students across EUR disciplines

Learning in action

collects learning experiences from inside and outside the classroom.

The courses

where students produce this work are offered across EUR faculties

Learning for Equality in Rotterdam

seeks to communicate and improve students' interdisciplinary engagement with social (in)justice

Share your knowledge

Did you learn or teach about social inequalities in Rotterdam in one of your courses?

Latest additions to the Collection

Free Seas and Captive Histories

by Arjîn Elgersma | International Law’s Colonial Imaginaries

Social-spatial segregation in Bogotá: a self reinforcing and multicausal phenomenon

by Camilo Jáuregui | Urban Sustainability and GIS

"Where there's smoke, there's fire": a qualitative analysis of young women their perception of safety on public transport in relation to associated infrastructure.

By Floris Gast, Leone Levi , Mathilde Kallesoe, Shakti Jacota, Thor Heuer

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