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Are you a EUR student who produced coursework related to issues of social (in)equality in Rotterdam?​

Are you a EUR lecturer whose course deals in some way with social inequalities in Rotterdam?  ​

​We would love to hear from you!​

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Ethical protocol

Learning for Equality follows a strict ethical protocol to select, edit, and publish students’ work.

Authors are invited to consider the ethical implications of publishing their work and advised on how to minimize all potential risks for them and for those referred to in their assignments and theses. Before publication on the site, they are asked to sign an informed consent form. In the case of group work, all group members need to make their consent explicit. 

For assignments that include original quotes, testimonies, and views from other people, the consent of those sources is also secured.  

Consent forms

To assure that these ethical protocols are followed, we ask all students interested in publishing their work to fill in a consent form. Please read carefully and fill in the consent form that corresponds to the kind of assignment you wish to publish:

Individual Assignments (Including Bachelor Theses)

Group Assignments

Master Theses

In case third parties (e.g., interviewees) participated in your work, please share the following information with them:

Information for participants (in English)

Informatie voor deelnemers (in Dutch)

Any feedback to further improve this process is much welcome.  

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