Erasmus Alumni Portrait

In the Erasmus Alumni Portrait, we introduce you to a number of alumni in Rotterdam and across the globe. Alumni will discuss what they are currently doing, how they look back on their time at Erasmus University Rotterdam and how our alma mater has influenced their life decisions. 

  • If you want to make the world a better place, why not start in your own hometown? Those were Berend van Zanten's thoughts. During and after his studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam he works on a variety of initiatives, projects and campaigns to make Rotterdam a bit better.

    Showing people how beautiful the world really is, and showing them how poorly we treat it: that's the bottom-line of most of Berend's work. In this video he shows us around some of his projects. He explains why he holds the world record for longest facade-garden, and he transforms the roof of parking garage Apcoa Westblaak to a temporary urban park.

    We also had some coffee at Man Met Bril Koffie at the Central Station, where Berend tells us more about his newest project. Check out the video for the full portrait.


    Erasmus Alumni Portrait - Berend van Zanten

  • Today we interview Annelies Blom, Manager SophiaTV and Events at Sophia Kinderziekenhuis. As a child, Annelies spent quite some time in the hospital - which she found quite boring. She intended to do something about that when she would grow up!

    She sure did. In this video we see the Sinterklaas celebration at the Sophia Children's Hospital in Rotterdam, which Annelies organised. 


    Erasmus Alumni Portrait - Annelies Blom