The future of healthcare in Rotterdam

A Walk With.. Joyce van der Niet

The life expectancy in the Netherlands is rising, medical treatment is getting more expensive and less people want to work in healthcare. How long can we continue to care for the sick?  We discuss this topic with Joyce van der Niet, who is involved with the realisation of a future-proof healthcare system in Rotterdam and its surroundings.

A Walk With.. Joyce van der Niet

Joyce describes herself as quartermaster of the transition – but what does that really mean? In her role, she explores options, brings about collaborations and connects different stakeholders that are involved with the healthcare industry. The initiative initiated from the labour market, that was desperately calling for more people to work in healthcare. Politicians, policy makers, health insurance companies and many more parties need to collaborate to work towards a future-proof system. Joyce finds common ground for all those involved, and works towards collaborations and solutions.

Aside from the professional questions that Joyce deals with, we also discuss the drive in her personal life. We find out that Joyce is passionate about acknowledging the individual within a group dynamic. The social issues that surround the healthcare problems, e.g. loneliness of the elderly or an unhealthy lifestyle of young people, are also things she feels strongly about. Watch the video with the full interview to find out how Joyce also helps by songwriting.

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