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Graduation procedure Erasmus School of Economics

In accordance with the advice of the RIVM on the Corona virus all physical defenses for the coming period are unfortunately cancelled.

We still want to make sure that you can graduate your master’s degree, therefore we would like to offer two options for your defense:

  1. Postpone your physical defense

If you choose this option, your defense will be postponed until further notice and is limited within the regular graduation dates mentioned on our website.

This means that your postponement date will be your graduation date.

Please keep in mind that when you postpone your defense it will also mean that you have to extend your enrollment with the EUR and therefore have additional costs.

  1. Online defense

If you choose this option, you will have to contact your supervisor to set a date for your online defense.

Your supervisor will inform you about which online tools are available and what is expected of you during the defense.

Please let us know as soon as possible which option you choose by sending an email to

These are very uncertain times and we are doing everything we can to make sure that the process of graduating will be as easy as possible for everyone involved.

After your supervisor and co-reader have approved your master’s thesis via the Thesis Workflow, an e-mail will be sent to your student e-mail address from the Thesis Workflow.

You may only request graduation once you have processed all your results in Osiris and received the approval from the Thesis Workflow.

You then log in to OSIRIS student, go the tab 'Cases', click on 'My cases'. Then at the top right click on 'Start a new case'. Before you complete the registration form, check with your supervisors when you can defend your thesis. After consulting your supervisors, complete the registration form for the master’s examinations.

An approval or rejection will be sent to your student email address within 2 or 3 working days.
Your thesis defence will last approximately one hour.

As soon as the result of your defence has been received by the Student Progress & Diploma team, your diploma will be made and you will be notified via your student email address.

Erasmus School of Economics graduation dates

For both the student and supervisor it is good to realize that there are generally five weeks between the moment the student hands in the final version of the thesis and the actual defence."

Applications must be received by us at *least 2weeks before the date of graduation to be requested (*this applies from February 2020)- on the appropriate form.

Date of graduation

Deadline for applying
the Master exam

Deadline to hand
in your thesis
13 October 202029 September 202008 September 2020
22 October 202008 October 202017 September 2020

Graduation day Erasmus School of Economics 

To ensure everything goes smoothly on your graduation day and during the graduation ceremony (during which you receive diploma), we have compiled a check list. This protocol applies to students taking Master’s examinations.

  • The graduation ceremony will be held in the examination rooms in the Erasmus building (A).
  • On your graduation day, you should report to room AB-11 a quarter of an hour before the start of the examination session.
  • If the session is open to the public, your guests may attend. There is room for 15 guests.
  • For the first fifteen minutes of the session (approximately), you will have the opportunity to explain your research, methodology and conclusions, as formulated in your thesis; after which the thesis committee will put questions to you.
  • Subsequently, the committee will leave the examination room, to discuss your final mark, and you and your guests will remain there to await their return.
  • Once a decision has been made about your final mark, you and your guests will be invited to attend the graduation ceremony.
  • At the ceremony, the committee will hand you your diploma, corresponding list of marks and supplement.
  • Afterwards, there will be an opportunity for people to offer you their congratulations in the hall.

There are various restaurants in the university complex where you can continue your celebrations. However, it is advisable to enquire about these possibilities in advance and to make a reservation in good time. To consider the various possibilities, please refer to

On behalf of the Study Progress and Diploma Administration Team, we would like to wish you an enjoyable and memorable day!


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