Lost / Stolen

The Erasmus University, Rotterdam Campus

Oh no, has your student residence permit been lost or stolen?!

Here’s what you have to do:


  1. File a police report.
    • Report the loss to the police and obtain an official police report. You need this official police report to apply for a new residence permit.
  2. Apply for the right kind of replacement. See below.
  3. Contact the IND at 088-0430430 for personal advice on the matter – this way you can be sure which procedure is the most appropriate for your situation.

Replacement of your permit

Getting a new residence permit depends on the expiry date of the permit you lost:

  • If the residence permit you lost was still valid for longer than three months, we advise you to apply for a replacement of your permit.
    • You can apply for a replacement directly with the IND; EUR is not involved in the process.
    • The form you need to submit is available on the IND website.
    • You may contact the IND for an appointment for submitting your completed application by calling: 088-0430430.
    • The costs for this procedure are € 146.
      • Your insurance may cover these costs; please contact your insurance provider for details.
  • If the residence permit you lost would have expired within three months, and you are continuing your studies at EUR after the expiry date of your (lost or stolen) permit.
    • We advise you to apply for an extension of your residence permit instead of a replacement.
      • Please note your registration at EUR for the next academic year must be complete at the time of the application for an extension.
  • Leaving soon? Then applying for a replacement isn't necessary.
    • If you lose your permit shortly before you will complete your studies at EUR, and you have no intention of staying on in the Netherlands after your studies, it may not be necessary to apply for either a replacement or an extension.
    • In this case, the police report you obtained may be used as a substitute for your permit until you leave the Netherlands.

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