Insurance company 

You are by law obliged to be properly insured during your time in the Netherlands. Above all things, you should make sure that you are sufficiently insured for medical expenses (including pre-existing conditions). In addition, third-party liability insurance is absolutely essential, and if you will be living in student accommodation it is also a good idea to have fire and furnishings insurance.
Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) strongly recommends the AON insurance for a complete coverage. This company has a long and outstanding history in the field of medical insurances for foreign students. However, you are free to choose your own insurance company.

AON Insurance – ICS Complete+

Aon Student Insurance has developed a tailor made ICS Complete+ insurance for international students of the Erasmus University. Complete+ insures you when you study abroad. This extensive insurance package covers health and non-medical costs. They include home contents, baggage, accidents, liability and legal costs. With Complete+ you are insured worldwide.

This insurance policy also meets the requirements for your immigration application.

As it is important to avoid unforeseen medical expenses along the way, we recommend you to conclude this insurance plan. Unlike other insurance companies, AON covers the costs for existing medical treatments.

ICS Complete+ covers
  • Pre-existing medical conditions;
  • Pre-existing psychological conditions;
  • Medical costs for minimum of € 500.000.

There are no deductibles. This insurance package is also fully compliant with visa regulations.

Information and quote about this insurance can be found on the dedicated website AON Student Insurance.

Also feel free to drop by our One Stop Shops on campus during the summer and winter in order to arrange these insurance matters in person. AON can help you with all related questions and is able to check for you whether your current insurances suffices.

Does your own insurance cover your stay in the Netherlands?

If you already have an insurance, please check whether your insurance covers the complete period of your stay abroad, and what type of coverage it consists of. In our experience most foreign insurances do not sufficiently cover medical expenses in the Netherlands (e.g. due to the relatively high costs for medical care in the Netherlands), and an extra insurance package is required. You also need to keep in mind that if you use medical services with a non-Dutch insurance card or certificate, you will most likely be asked to pay all the costs in advance, and arrange the refund from your insurance provider yourself. 

Do you want to pursue with a free of charge and fast insurance check? Visit our previously mentioned One Stop Shop on campus during the summer and winter. AON insurance is able to check for you whether you current insurance covers everything.

Types of healthcare insurance

Private healthcare insurance

If you are younger than 30, or if you are older than 30 but staying in the Netherlands for your studies, and you are not employed, private healthcare agreements for international students will most likely suffice for you.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

If you are a citizen from the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, you can apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). You can obtain the European Health Insurance Card free of charge by contacting your local health authority. EHIC will cover the most basic and emergency healthcare costs. Please note that an additional insurance package might be necessary for adequate coverage for medical expenses in the Netherlands!

Basic public health insurance (Basiszorgverzekering)

If you take on a job in the Netherlands (regardless of the number of hours you work or the salary you earn), you are obliged to have a Dutch basic public healthcare insurance from the moment you start working. You also need basic public healthcare insurance if you do an internship for which you receive an allowance of € 150 per month or more.

Please note that if you need Dutch public healthcare insurance, you might be eligible for a healthcare allowance, to help you cover the insurance costs.

More information on working and internships in the Netherlands.

More information

For more information on insurance matters for international students, please see the Zorgverzekeringslijn.