Eurekaweek Board 2020

The organisation of the Eurekaweek consists of many smaller and bigger tasks, which are divided among the eight functions. 

  • Sander Doude van Troostwijk 
    Study: MSc Accounting & Financial Management

    The week where my very first memories as student were made, the Eurekaweek. In 2015 I was introduced to the city of Rotterdam, the Erasmus University, and the student life in a fantastic week. Starting this new chapter in your life together with thousands of fellow students is something that you will never forget.
    Helping new students to build these first memories is a very honorable task. After seeing what it was like to organize such an enormous event behind the scenes in 2019, I was convinced that I wanted to do this as well.
    This year me and 8 others will give their utmost to organize yet another unforgettable Eurekaweek that will make sure you start the most beautiful period in your life right.

  • Lisette van Noort
    Study: Economics and Business Economics

    My Eurekaweek adventure started in 2016 when I was a participant. It was an amazing experience and I made some friends with whom I am still in contact today. To experience this amazing week once more, I decided to join the crew in 2018.  It was hard work, but it felt amazing to be able to look back on a successful week together with the board and the other crew members. In 2019 I was a head crewer and that was the deciding factor for me to apply for the Eurekaweek board. 

    This year, as a treasurer, I am responsible for the financial side of the Eurekaweek. Besides that, I am responsible for all the payment systems which will be used during the week and I am part of the sustainability team. I am really looking forward to organizing the most amazing week of the year together with the rest of my board and I hope to see you there in August! 

  • Roosmarijn Peters
    Commissioner of Acquisitions
    Study: Liberal Arts & Sciences - University College

    Everyone always says how being a student is the best time of your life. I never really understood why, until I was a participant in the Eurekaweek of 2014. During this week I learned that being a student is not exclusively about following a programme that suits you, but maybe even more about everything you do besides studying. The Eurekaweek is the perfect basis for your time in Rotterdam. For me the Eurekaweek was one of the best weeks ever, which made me decide to be involved in various ways across the years. After being crew and headcrew, it was time for me to be responsible for organising a magnificent week myself by becoming a member of the board.  

    As commissioners of Acquisitions, Koen and I will be responsible for the contact with all the different companies that are a part of the Eurekaweek 2020. Together we attract the sponsors that are indispensable for organising a week that many people will hopefully never forget! 

  • Koen Zwiep
    Commissioner of Acquisitions
    Study:  MSc Behavioural Economics

    In 2015 I started studying in Rotterdam and participated in the Eurekaweek. I still have great memories about this week, it started my time in Rotterdam in the best way possible. In 2017 I volunteered as a guide to experience this amazing week all over again. Both these experiences made me decide that I wanted to be part of the Eurekaweek organization.

    My role this year is Commissioner of Acquisitions. This makes me responsible for the communication with different companies and organizations. On top of that I’m a member of our sustainability team.  I am looking forward to organizing an amazing Eurekaweek to welcome all the new students of the Erasmus University to the beautiful city of Rotterdam. See you all in August!

  • Sofie Dorrepaal
    Commissioner of Internal Affairs 
    Study: Economics & Business Economics

    I first experienced the Eurekaweek in 2016 as a participant. During this week, I made new friends, got to know the city of Rotterdam and signed up for multiple associations. The Eurekaweek offered me a lot and I know for sure that if I had not participated, my student life would have been very different. Because I know the impact the Eurekaweek has on the lives of students, I wanted to be a part of the organization of this amazing week. In 2018, I experienced the Eurekaweek from a closer perspective as a crewmember.

    This year, I have the honor to be part of the Eurekaweek board as Commissioner of Internal Affairs. As Commissioner of Internal Affairs, I am responsible for the communication and the agreements with the associations affiliated with the university. With great enthusiasm I am looking forward to organizing this unforgettable week.

  • Lieke van der Meule
    Commissioner of Participants & Guides
    Study: Criminology 

    Coming from a small town on the other side of the country, moving to Rotterdam was quite a big deal for me. Participating in the Eurekaweek helped me tremendously in feeling at home in the big city. The people I met during the week, are still my best friends today. In 2019, I experienced the Eurekaweek from a different point of view: as a guide. After seeing what the Eurekaweek meant for not only me, but over 4000 other students, I knew for sure I wanted to play a bigger role in the organisation and help other (first-year) students with feeling at home in Rotterdam.

    As Commissioner of Participants & Guides, I'm responsible for everything that has to do with the participants and guides before, during and after the Eurekaweek. What I like most about my task, is that I'm so close to the people who matter the most during the week: the participants and guides! I'm looking forward to seeing all your happy faces in August!  

  • Daniel Osorno van Wissen
    Commissioner of Marketing
    Study: Double Degree - Law & Philosophy

    In 2017 I participated in the Eurekaweek myself. For me it was a big step to sign up. I didn't know what to expect and it was all new and exciting because I had only been living in the Netherlands for 7 years. I bought a ticket at the time, while I was not sure if I wanted to participate. A week before the Eurekaweek I was still on a beach in Spain, but finally decided that I wanted to fly back to the Netherlands to participate.

    From that moment the Eurekaweek turned out to be my favorite week of the year. From the first day as a participant I felt that the week would be a fantastic start to my student life in Rotterdam!

    In addition to my year as a participant, I  also experienced the Eurekaweek as a guide and as crew. I thought it would be nice to be able to experience the Eurekaweek from different scopes and afterwards I was sure that I wanted to organize the Eurekaweek myself. As a commissioner of marketing, I am now responsible for all promotional and graphical affairs of the organization; this is a position that suits me well and where I can let loose all my creativity. I am really looking forward to organizing a wonderful week with my fellow board members. I hope to see you there!

  • Lennert Vlaar
    Commissioner of Events & Logistics
    Study: Public Administration

    When I started studying in Rotterdam in 2016, a new city where I only knew a few people, I decided to take part in the Eurekaweek. This amazing week gave me the opportunity to get to know the city of Rotterdam, the student life and most importantly, make a lot of new friends! I had such a great time that I decided to join the crew in 2017, become a guide in 2018 and join the crew again in 2019! In those years I had so many amazing experiences, that I decided that I wanted to help organize everyone’s favorite week myself.

    As Events & Logistics I’m responsible for the lay out of the events and making sure everyone will have an amazing time. Together with my 8 fellow board members, I’m sure we will organize a fantastic week. I’m looking forward to meeting you in August!  

  • Hannah Koning
    Commissioner of Events & Crew
    Study: MSc Healthcare Management


    I started studying at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2016, where I first encountered the Eurekaweek, as a participant. I have experienced this week as the best start to my studies. During this week I met many people and had the time of my life. Last year I therefore decided that I would like to be part of this wonderful week again, but now behind the scenes. I decided to apply for the crew, and this turned out to be the best decision ever. It was a week to remember.

    After this I chose to apply for the Eurekaweek board of 2020 and with pride I managed to get one of the positions within the board. What I really like about my function is that I am in close contact with the best volunteer group that exists, the Eurekaweek crew. In addition, I enjoy the close involvement in the organization of a large part of the events.