Erasmus Honours Programme
For extra talented and motivated students

Erasmus Honours Programme

Besides the regular programmes, the EUR annually offers two exclusive programmes to talented bachelor students. The Erasmus Honours Programme enables excellent students to encounter fascinating and current themes from other fields of study in the Grand Challenges and Over Grenzen (Dutch) programme. Renowned scholars from several disciplines challenge honours students to look beyond the boundaries of their own field.

For this reason, professors and students from different academic disciplines are gathered in the Erasmus Honours Programme in two programs. For most EHP-students, the interdisciplinary approach will prove to be a challenge as, in their second year they only just begin to realize what it means to study an academic discipline, with it’s own typical ‘worldview’. In High School various ‘subjects’ are taught. When attending classes in ‘Economy’, how many realized they were introduced in the world of the homo economicus; and who has wondered during ‘Maths’, how the world can be approached as a numeric whole? At University students grow, and maybe even excel in the discipline of their choice, but as they learn and grow, they are also limited by the boundaries of their discipline.

This programme not only taught us about the systematic implications of our actions, but also empowered us to lead change in ourselves, and our communities.
Alexander Piric
Erasmus Honours Programme - Class of 2017
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Interactive Learning

The educational environment of the EHP differs from the usual teaching settings. Due to the multidisciplinary background of the group – students and teachers -, different, and even conflicting perspectives will be addressed and discussed. Without doubt, the learning practice of an interdisciplinary attitude will help EHP students in their further academic career and beyond.

To enhance the interdisciplinary status of the curriculum, each module kicks off with an impression of the interdisciplinary issues at stake. Points of focus and leading questions will be formulated. At the end of each module, the interdisciplinary issues will be readdressed and evaluated.

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