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In Track 2 of Erasmus Verbindt, students have the opportunity to collaborate with local organizations in Rotterdam that are engaged in addressing societal challenges. The aim is to utilize the university's knowledge and expertise and apply them to contribute to positive societal change. Simultaneously, students and academics are provided with the chance to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and insights within Rotterdam's society. By forging a partnership between the city and science, our goal is to contribute to a resilient, sustainable, and inclusive city where everyone feels at home.

Track 2 consists of four student teams, each working on projects within their respective domains: sustainability, health, social inequality, and urban challenges. All four teams have their own team leader. These team leaders, in turn, guide a team of 4-6 student volunteers. Each team meets on a weekly basis and primarily focuses on their individual projects. Occasionally, themes may overlap, allowing for potential collaboration between the teams. Read more about the different teams of Track 2 below!

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The four teams within Erasmus Verbindt will work on existing projects, but are also encouraged to explore new projects that align with the team's interests. The initial phase of the teams will, after an introduction, consist of several brainstorming sessions. Once a theme is chosen, the research phase begins, during which the team explores how the selected topic relates to Rotterdam. For instance, you will discover how various stakeholders in the city are interconnected, or where connections have not yet been established, presenting opportunities. Following these two theoretical phases, a transition is made towards practical implementation: organizing a networking event. From planning, arranging a location, and inviting guests to creative execution, the team will independently organize the entire event from start to finish.

Erasmus Verbindt - Join Us! (2022)

Team Health is committed to improving the health of all residents of Rotterdam, both for the current generation and future generations. An example of a project is addressing menstrual poverty, and it has proven to be successful! We initiated a project where free menstrual products are now available on the campus of Erasmus University. Another project is the organization of the Hack4Youth in collaboration with Healthy Start, where students spent a day addressing societal health issues. In the coming year, we will continue our collaboration with Healthy Start. Additionally, we will collaborate with Health & Technology, to organize an event that will take place during the Brain Awareness Week in March 2024. Overall, there is still much to be done in the field health, and we warmly invite new team members to contribute their own expertise to this crucial subject!
Team Leader: -vacant-

Team Sustainability aims to speed up the transition towards a sustainable society. One of the transitions that Rotterdam is struggling with is an inclusive energy transition. Rotterdam has one of the highest percentages of people living in energy poverty, and this has only worsened after the energy crisis. This is why team sustainability is committed to linking the university’s research to stakeholders working on the energy transition in Rotterdam. By connecting these parties, knowledge, experience and needs can be shared to improve and accelerate the energy transition. Upcoming year, we will continue with this project, collaborate with Resilient Delta, and, of course, explore other projects based on the students’ own preferences and ideas.
Team Leader: Max Doedens

The Urban Challenges Team focuses on addressing the issues that a global city or metropolis like Rotterdam encounters. These encompass topics such as gentrification, the relationship between residents and the government, as well as art and culture. For instance, we recently recorded a live podcast where creators and residents of Rotterdam-Zuid had the opportunity to connect with the individuals behind the new Culture Campus, in order to exchange desires and concerns regarding this project. Furthermore, we will be collaborating with Resilient Delta this year. This diversity of topics potentially makes this team the most comprehensive among the four within Track 2. This means that students within the teams can not only elevate projects to a higher level but also have ample room for their own ideas
Team Leader: Jelrik Westra

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