Our Mission

Centre for the Law and Economics of Cyber Security

There is under- and overinvestment in cyber security by both government and industry. The effectiveness of cyber security related products and training is often unclear. The gap between intentions and behaviour is large. As the investments in cyber security will rise in the future through developments such as robotics, the ‘internet of things’ and blockchain, so will the need for a societal debate about the efficiency of those investments.  

Currently, there is a lack of clear thinking about cost and benefits in the public debate. Our mission is to 'create a stronger public discourse regarding efficient cyber security investments'. How are we going to accomplish this mission? By linking insights fromLaw, Psychology, Criminology, Economics, and Computer Science on cyber security with concrete policies and strategies of government and industry. 

We aim to: 

  • Connect: Bring together cyber security scholars from a variety of disciplines by offering them a joint platform to share knowledge and facilitating collaboration. 

  • Inspire: Fuel the public debate with solutions for mitigating current market failures in cyber security and correct information incorrectness in the market. 

  • Advice: Provide concrete advice on global and national cyber security strategy and policy involving law and economics of cyber security. 

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