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Stalking: "You don't have to shoot someone to destroy someone"

Irma Cleven, PhD researcher, explains the possibilities and limitations of the new victim-device for victims of stalking.
Portretfoto Irma Cleven

Media mislabel rap: "Music is seen as the cause of violence"

Jeroen van den Broek explains the links between rap and violence, and how they are often misunderstood in public discourse.
Foto van Jeroen van den Broek

The VVD proposal: is mandatory vaccination allowed?

Martin Buijsen addresses the issue of denying access to unvaccinated children in daycare centres and primary schools.
Martin Buijsen

"It is often difficult to assign responsibility for starvation"

Can you hold people liable for starvation during a war? Jolanda Andela investigated this in her dissertation.
Two volunteers are handing out food at a food bank.

The pharma pirate: entrepreneurship in optima forma or a dismal matter?

In this article, André den Exter addresses excessive drug prices.
André den Exter

NZa imposes directives on CZ and Menzis for waiting times

Martin Buijsen, Professor of Health Law, explains the imposed directives by the NZa and elaborates on the waiting lists.
Stethoscoop, mondkapje en hand met hart

Erasmus School of Law Vis Moot Team celebrates great success

Read more about this achievement and the experiences of the team members.

ESBL/Fontys report :"Investing in the organisational capacity and sustainability of business sites using business investment zones"

How can the BIZ regulation improve liveability, safety, spatial quality and economic development of a business park?

Participation in technological innovations: the role of all stakeholders

PhD student Marlon Kruizinga talks about the role of participation and expertise in socially disruptive technologies.
Marlon met een bos bloemen

Individual responsibility in collective crimes

In this article, Joost Nan, Professor of Criminal (Procedural) Law at Erasmus School of Law, discusses the legal aspects of the Mallorca case.
Joost Nan

Second Seminar of ECCE

On Friday 19 April 2024, the Erasmus School of Law hosts the Second Seminar of ECCE dedicated to the topic: 'VAT on import and customs valuation in e-commerce'.
Erasmus School of Law

PhD defence G.J. (Gwendolyn) Koops - Geuze

The Last Straw: A mixed-methods analysis of the effects of community sanctions administered to court-convicted youth offenders

Workshop Between Autocratic Legalism and Right-Wing Legal Mobilization.

Workshop on the transformative dimension of populism from different perspectives.
Erasmus School of Law

ESL Research Day: “Embracing Failure”

After the successful 2023 edition of ESL Research Day, we are happy to announce that the theme of this year’s edition will be “Embracing failure”.
Erasmus School of Law

Conference ‘the role of the supervisor'

Conference about the role of supervisors in PhD trajectories
Erasmus School of Law

Conference “Law, Regulation and Technology: Healthy, Safe, and Sustainable Smart Cities”

The ESL invites submissions for the new Conference “Law, Regulation and Technology: Healthy, Sustainable, and Safe Smart Cities” to be held on 26-27 June 2024.
Erasmus School of Law

The digital and green transitions: twins in tension

Digitalisation and climate change have sparked, on their own, two enormously disruptive processes: the digital and the green transitions, often referred to as
Erasmus School of Law

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Our open access journal with a multidisciplinary and international focus.

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