Erasmus Center for Sport Integrity & Transition


The Erasmus Center for Sport Integrity & Transition (ESPRIT) aims to accelerate the ongoing transition of modern sport, taking its current integrity crisis as momentum for transition. To do so, ESPRIT brings together all relevant knowledge and experience into modern sport within Erasmus University Rotterdam, offering a unique combination of embedded ethics within the very heart of modern sport, and scientific research to support the challenges modern sport faces. The basic objective of ESPRIT as a transdisciplinary research group, is to explore and address complex integrity issues in sport, amidst a postmodern world in transition. ESPRIT offers both embedded ethics, scientific research, academic education and societal outreach, building on multiple expert perspectives on sport, to support a responsible systemic transition. The Erasmus School of Philosophy, hosting ESPRIT, engages both ESL (Erasmus School of Law), ESHCC (Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication), ESSBS (Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences), ECASE (Erasmus Center for Applied Sport Economics), ESHPM (Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management), Erasmus University Medical Center (healthcare and sport medicine), and DRIFT (Governance, Politics, Transitional Design).

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