Conference: A Call for Courageous Leadership. Transforming Business Performance for People, Planet and Profit

Campus Woudestein
Thursday 25 Nov 2021, 13:00 - 18:00
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On 9 March 2020 the Center for the Economics of Mutuality (of which the Erasmus Initiative: Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity is the academic arm) was launched, just before the COVID-19 virus hit the western world. While the lockdowns slowed us down a little, they did not stop us.

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the upcoming Center for the Economics of Mutuality Forum at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Our theme is A Call for Courageous Leadership. Transforming Business Performance for People, Planet and Profit. 

The next era

There has never been a time in which it has been more urgent for us to change and align business practices to benefit people and planet than now. The role of business must be redefined and together, we are committed to accelerating the transition to the next era of purpose-driven capitalism.

In that spirit, the Forum will feature the practical application of putting purpose into practice in a Dutch/European context through the Economics of Mutuality. During the symposium we’ll be exploring these topics through keynote speeches, panel discussions and Q&A sessions. Our aim: to see a community of EoM businesses established throughout the Netherlands and the world, embedded in the academic community.

Join us 

The conference is organized and hosted by Arleen Westerhof, Martin de Jong and Eppo Bruins. With contributions from the EUR community: Ansgar Richter (RSM), Joep Cornelissen (RSM), Tine de Moor (RSM), Evert Stamhuis (ESL), and Jan Peter Balkenende (ESE/ESL and Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands).

Join us as we further host Bruno Roche (EoM Platform Geneva), Colin Mayer (Saïd Business School Oxford University), Paul Polman (Imagine and former Unilever CEO), Muriel Arts (, Marlies van Wijhe (FBNed and former Business Woman of the year) and many more for this groundbreaking meeting! 

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