D&I Biannual Best Practice Workshop | Inclusive learning environment at the Erasmus Medical Center

Start date

Tuesday 13 Apr 2021, 14:00

End date

Tuesday 13 Apr 2021, 17:00

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Inclusive learning environment at the Erasmus Medical Center  

During this springs D&I best practice workshop, members of the Erasmus Medical Center Diversity and Inclusion team will share the experience they have been gathering since 2019. Since then, a group of enthusiastic teachers and students have been investing time and efforts (through HOKa (Higher Education Quality Agreements) funds) to get diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the medical curriculum and support a safer and more inclusive learning environment. During the workshops we will look at:

  1. Student Life : Tips will be shared on how students themselves (DISCO: Diversiteit Inclusiviteit Studenten COmmissie) can help different student organisations to organise more inclusive events. They also organise an introductory first class for first year medical students and facilitate meetings between students and doctors.
  2. Teacher Professionalisation:  Erasmus Medical Center teachers needed to be more aware of D&I-related challenges and opportunities. What have they come up with to reach this goal?
  3. D&I-learning materials: Erasmus Medical Center created implicit and explicit D&I-learning materials for bachelor students. The students are taught knowledge, skills and attitudes. What would also work in other Erasmus faculties?
  4. Rethinking rituals: The three academic ceremonies that medical students attend, have been redesigned or adjusted to be more inclusive. How can this inspire us to make our academic culture more inclusive?

Participants can choose from one of three interactive workshops (see below) and get a recap of the discussion in the all workshops during a dynamic plenary session.



Opening of Zoom


General Welcome: Prof. dr. Semiha Denktas, Chief Diversity officer


Warming up/ Ice breaker


Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion at the Erasmus MC: Prof. dr. Walter van den Broek, Director of Medical Education at the Erasmus MC


Overview of D&I related projects at Erasmus MC and the importance of making academic ceremonies inclusive: Dr. David Pols Director of The Erasmus MC Diversity and Inclusion Team




Workshops in Breakout rooms




Presentation of Breakout sessions and plenary discussion:  workshop leaders


Summary and closing remarks: Dr. Kate Kirk, diversity and inclusion project lead for students and education



  1. Teacher Professionalization (Only in Dutch): Sofie van Scheyen. Deze workshop zal op een interactieve wijze de opzet van de Erasmus MC D&I docenten training laten zien en de 4 pijlers waarop deze is opgebouwd
  2. Intersectionality and D&I education: Dr. Floor Haalboom.  During this workshop we will delve into the 2020-2021 experience with D&I education at the Erasmus MC. We will look into the use of the concept intersectionality in D&I education. Intersectionality is a term used to express the ways different aspects of identity such as ‘race’, class, gender, sexuality, physical ability and legal status interact to define a person’s place in social space. We will use the example of several D&I lessons for first year medical students, their feedback, and the advantages and disadvantages of this approach. What would also work at other Erasmus University faculties?
  3. The role of students and student life in inclusive education: DISCO. During this workshop we hope to answer the following question: ‘How can students be committed to a more inclusive study environment and how can these students be guided and facilitated by the educational institution?’ DISCO’s work is faculty-bound but during this workshop they will share their practices and methods and think together with participants about how they can be used elsewhere.


  • Prof. dr. Semiha Denktas: is professor in psychology, vice dean and research director at the Erasmus School of Social & Behavioral Sciences, and the Chief Diversity Officer of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

  • Prof. dr. Walter van den Broek: Is an academic professional psychiatrist experienced  in patient care, medical education, research and residency training. He has been the director of medical education at the Erasmus MC since 2011 and since 2014 director of the institute of Medical Education Research Rotterdam (iMERR), the inter-institute collaboration between the faculty of medicine and the faculty of social sciences of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He was a member of the previous steering committee programme diversity and inclusion.

  • Dr. David Pols: works both as a general practitioner in the Rotterdam area and as an assistant professor at the department of general practice, Erasmus MC.. Together with a team of colleagues, he received a HOKa-scholarship of €450.000,- to get diversity and inclusion in the medical curriculum and support a safer en more inclusive learning environment.  

  • Dr. Floor Haalboom: is a medical historian and developer of diversity and inclusion education for medical students at the Erasmus Medical Center (project ‘Diversiteit & Inclusiviteit voor de Erasmusarts’).

  • DISCO (The Diversity and Inclusion Students Commission). The Diversity and Inclusion Students COmmission (DISCO) is committed to an inclusive study environment at the faculty of medicine of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Our faculty should be a welcoming place for everybody, regardless of any differences. DISCO provides various trainings for students, organizes projects to enhance togetherness and focuses on the Charter – a letter of intent in which all student associations at our faculty promise to look for possibilities of cooperation and to make their activities as inclusive as possible. DISCO will be represented by Yassine Ben Brahim – chairman of DISCO and third year medical student – and Ewout Lauwers – vice chairman of DISCO and second year medical student.

  • Sofie van Scheyen is an external educational advisor. From 2017-2020 she was employed by Erasmus MC as trainer and adviser for the University teaching qualification (UTQ). She was part of the development team that created the Teacher Professionalization Inclusive Education at Erasmus MC.

  • Dr. Kate Kirk: Is the diversity and inclusion project lead for students and education at Erasmus University. She is a social anthropologist and political scientist with a background in migration studies. She is responsible for the Erasmus University Inclusive education policy and a member of The European University of Post-Industrial Cities (UNIC) development team.

Please sign up by emailing diversity@eur.nl Please include your workshop choice in your email.