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Festive opening Education Lab (day 1)

Start date

Tuesday, 13 Nov 2018, 14:00

End date

Tuesday, 13 Nov 2018, 18:00

Erasmus Education Lab
Polak Building

You are cordially invited to celebrate the festive opening of the Education Lab from November 13th to 15th!

On Tuesday, November 13th from 14.00-15.00h, the Erasmus Education Lab will officially open!

From 15.00-17.00h there is a lively program with inspiring (inter)national speakers in the field of educational innovation. You can find more information about their keynotes down below. 

You are welcome to join us for music and drinks after 17.00h.

Signing up for the opening on November 13th is not required. 


Keynote speakers

  • Peter van Leusen, Ph.D.

    Manager of Instructional Design (Scalable & Adaptive Initiatives)

    EdPlus @ Arizona State University

    The New American University: Fueling Digital Access to Education

    “Necessity is the mother of all inventions!” - Plato. As 21st century learners and education needs change, many call for the transformation of higher education to address local and global challenges. Dedicated to student success, Arizona State University (ASU) seeks to enhance and extend education by focusing on the design and scalable delivery of digital teaching and learning models to increase access and reduce barriers to achievement in higher education. By developing meaningful learning experiences, utilizing iterative design, exploring unconventional partnerships, and valuing risk-taking, ASU has been recognized as the most innovative university in the US the past four years.

  • Tomas Moška

    Co-Founder of Turing Society

    EUR and 42 coding college alumnus

    How can we build a future-proof education

    Education has not changed for hundreds of years now. Any educational institution you come across with is based around the concept of teaching. Meaning, there is always a teacher - a source of knowledge, if you will. This method has been OK for the past, but with no access to great teachers, the education knowledge gap worldwide is starting to get out of hand. In order to provide equal opportunity of access to great education worldwide, we must rethink the core principles.

  • Dr. Rick Wolff

    Dr. Marieke Meeuwisse

    Short introduction by Chief Diversity Officer Semiha Denktaş

  • Prof. dr. Peter Vervest

    Leader of the strategy design lab 'Future-oriented education'

Music by Adam Taylor

Music is provided by Adam Taylor and his jazz band Schw!ng

Adam will play solo during the opening. His band will join him after 17.00.

Check out their website for a preview!

Opening Education Lab