Future Education Hackathon 2022

Start date

Friday 27 May 2022, 09:00

End date

Saturday 28 May 2022, 12:00

Either partly online or on campus. But whatever it will be, no worries: we have thought of many offline fun activities and awesome mystery items!

The theme of this year says it all: Corona'tion - become the king or queen of your (online) education.
Three challenges for you and your team to tackle, which are interesting on their own but have a special meaning and importance in our current situation, while we're dealing with the corona virus.

Your aim: to prepare an advice for the university how to deal with one of the three challenges below
Your gain:

  • you will develop your teamwork- and design thinking skills while dealing with tough challenges. You will journey through all stages of innovation: from problem analysis to idea generation, from prototyping to pitching your final advice.
  • you will have lots of fun at the same time with weird mini games.
  • you will have the opportunity to present your advice to Learning & Innovation professionals and management of the EUR.
  • you will receive an awesome mystery box at home. Not to be opened before the grand unwrapping moment at the beginning of the hackathon! That's why you can only participate if you have a home address in the Netherlands.

The three challenges

We will deliberately not give you too much information on the challenges. It's up to you and your team to figure it out during the hackathon.

  • What value does it have for you to study at a university? Because of the changing learning environments, way of assessing and achieving knowledge, the way society looks at education is changing as well. What has value and how do we see this for the (near) future? How would we assess this? Is assessment even necessary? What impact does it have on your degree if students are committing fraud? How should the university balance between trust in students, and preventing fraud?

  • The 1,5 metres society makes it difficult to seek and find connection to other students. Activities that stimulate connection between students have been cancelled or have been organised online. What would be necessary to enable this essential connection between students? What would you advise the university to do?

  • Because of the corona virus education is done more and more online and from home. How do we make sure students will still have a positive experience with the university and will stay motivated to keep studying? Which ways of education are a good match with our current situation?

We invite you to indicate your preference for one of the above challenges, and to continuously look at the challenge from four different angles:
1. What motivates you? --> self
2. What motivates us as students (community)? --> your fellow students
3. What's the relation between students and Schools / what does the university need? --> the university
4. What's the relevance of learning and education? How could we relate this to the city of Rotterdam or the Dutch society? Or even internationally? --> society

  • Day 1 

    Opening Unboxing!

    09.30Group excerses
    10:00Introduction to the innovation process
    10:30Introduction to the challenges

    Start with your team

    Team icebreaker

    11:30Problem analysis


    13:00Problem analysis
    14:00Deadline problem statement form and description

    Ideation/drinks & snacks

    Crazy challenge


    Deadline ideation sketch and concept description




    Crazy Challenge

    21:00Erasmus Sports Session
    22:00Pitch training

    Pitch working

    Deadline of your prototype and description

  • Day 2 

    prepare your advice

    01:00prepare your advice

    Crazy games with the night crew

    Snack time




    Crazy games with the night crew

    prepare your pitch

    06:00Prepare your pitch
    07:00Deadline advice and pitch documents

    Goodmorning / Breakfast

    09:00Pitch time!
    10:00Break for jury

    Fruit time

    Jury Feedback



Please save the date. Registration will open in March 2022.

Any questions? Please contact us via cli@eur.nl.