PhD defence I.V. (Irina) Romochkina


Prof.dr. R.A. Zuidwijk


Prof.dr. P.J. van Baalen

Friday 5 Jun 2020, 11:30 - 13:00
PhD defence
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On Friday 5 June 2020, I.V. Romochkina will defend her PhD dissertation, entitled: ‘When Interests Collide: Understanding and modeling interests alignment using fair pricing in the context of interorganizational information systems’.

Over the decades companies have been working on improving the communication means with their partners to make it faster, cheaper, more reliable. Today every organization uses at least some sort of an inter-organizational information system in its routine operations, be it for communication with their business partners or authorities. Inter-organizational information systems (IOSs) are information systems shared by two or more organizations. IOSs can support a variety of different interactions: customer relationship management, airline reservations, transportation tracking and so on. One of the unifying characteristics for all IOSs is that they bring value to their adopter only if other companies have also adopted the system which depends on how well the interests of different companies have been integrated into the IOS design.

This research contributes to the IOS literature by stressing the importance of interests’ alignment when developing IOSs for maximizing business community gains from IOS adoption. We investigate in detail how the pricing mechanism based on fair sharing can serve as an instrument for achieving such an alignment. We believe that research and practice would benefit from research in other managerial instruments for IOS users’ interests’ alignment.

The PhD defences will not take place publicly in the Senate Hall or Professor Andries Queridoroom due to the coronavirus. The candidates will defend their thesis online.

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