PhD Defence M.A (Maria) Coţofan

Erasmus School of Economics
Start date

Friday 18 Sep 2020, 13:30

End date

Friday 18 Sep 2020, 15:00

Senate Hall
Erasmus School of Economics

On Friday 18 September M.A (Maria) Coţofan will defend her dissertation entitled: 'Essays in Applied Microeconomics. Non-Monetary Incentives, Skill Formation, and Work Preferences'.

In her research, she uses experimental methods to analyze the effects of non-monetary incentives on performance, and she studies how such rewards interact with pro-social behavior, status concerns, conformity preferences, and the intrinsic motivation of employees. She is also researching how people form preferences for job attributes, focusing on the trade-off between monetary incentives and preferences for non-monetary attributes such as flexibility, independence, and work meaning. 

Due to Corona, the PhD defences do not take place publicly in the usual way in the Senate Room or the Professor Andries Querido Room. The candidates will defend their dissertation either in a small group or online.

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M.A (Maria) Coţofan