Save the date : D&I Biannual Best Practice Workshop

Start date

Tuesday 13 Apr 2021, 14:00

End date

Tuesday 13 Apr 2021, 17:00

Spoken Language

Inclusive learning environment at the Erasmus Medical Center  

During this springs D&I best practice workshop, members of the Erasmus Medical Center Diversity and Inclusion team will share the experience they have been gathering since 2019. Since then, a group of enthusiastic teachers and students have been investing time and efforts (through HOKa funds) to get diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the medical curriculum and support a safer and more inclusive learning environment. During the workshops we will look at:

  1. Student Life : Tips will be shared on how students themselves (DISCO: Diversiteit Inclusiviteit Studenten COmmissie) can help different student organizations to organize more inclusive events. They also organize an introductory first class for first year medical students and facilitate meetings between students and doctors.
  2. Teacher Professionalization:  Erasmus Medical Center teachers needed to be more aware of D&I-related challenges and opportunities. What have they come up with to reach this goal?
  3. D&I-learning materials: Erasmus Medical Center created implicit and explicit D&I-learning materials for bachelor students. The students are taught knowledge, skills and attitudes. What would also work in other Erasmus faculties?
  4. Rethinking rituals: The three academic ceremonies that medical students attend, have been redesigned or adjusted to be more inclusive. How can this inspire us to make our academic culture more inclusive?


The official invitation and sign up information will be available the first week of March.


Looking forward to seeing you there.