Transforming our Emotions around Climate Crisis: A Workshop

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Thursday 13 Apr 2023, 14:00 - 17:00
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Q building, 2nd floor, room Q-19
Q Building
Campus Woudestein
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How do we navigate the climate crisis without drowning in jargon, misinformation, blame or nihilism? Using movement and awareness exercises, this workshop is a brief exploration into the much needed paradigm shifts and how a more open-ended engagement can aspire creative responses to trying times. 

This event is organised by the Design Impact Transition (DIT) platform and Yogi Hale Hendlin

The interconnected milieu we inhabit is both a blessing and a burden, and it requires forms of engagement. It’s not about simply surviving - although for many the clock is currently at two minutes to midnight; eventually, it's about thriving. It is about stepping into leadership to tackle the grand challenges so that we can enjoy the fruits of our civilization without doubts or worries that it is all going to come crashing down, that our prosperity is bought at the costs of another’s impoverishment, or that we’re stealing from future generations.  

How does one navigate these myriad waterways without drowning in jargon, misinformation, blame or nihilism? 

This workshop is a brief exploration into the much needed paradigm shifts and how a more open-ended engagement can aspire creative responses to trying times. It uses out-of-the-box tools to generate out-of-the-box perspectives. It will focus on bridging the mind and body through movement and awareness exercises so that the senses and sensitivities can be used as tools for a more holistic perspective on sustainability. 

Many of the younger generations have been born into this time of planetary crisis and don’t even know anything different. The mounting intensity will not go away on its own, and that is something we must confront with courage and cooperation. But where there is crisis, there is also opportunity. 


  • When: The workshop starts at 14:30. You are welcome to join for coffee and snacks from 14:00 onwards. 
  • Where: Langeveld building, room 0.18

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Portrait of Alexander (Premala) Vollebregt

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Alexander (Premala) Vollebregt is an advocate for urban consciousness – born and raised in Africa and India from a Dutch father and Curaçaoan mother before moving to Netherlands in 1991 – he is an architect, urbanist, teacher and coach. He is the founder and owner of Avontuur - the Ark for Healing, Wellbeing and Inner Growth located in the heart of the city center of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 

For 15 years, Premala was an assistant professor at the Delft University of Technology running collaborative research projects in developing countries to empower local communities and governments. He initiated interdisciplinary and inter-professional ways researching how man and nature can live harmoniously in a socially stimulating, technologically sound and environmentally sustainable ecology. He uses action-learning and action-research as core methodologies to generate knowledge development and knowledge transfer. 

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