Taking an evidence-based approach to implementing impact-driven education

Impact-driven education is a living concept that is being constantly created and recreated. We depart from the idea that impact-driven education consists of principles that are formulated to serve as a guideline to curriculum designers and teachers, but it is not meant to be a book of rules. It has its roots in the ongoing dialogue around the role of the university in society which some authors defined as a purpose-driven university (Haski-Leventhal (2020).

For these reasons, Impact at the Core takes an evidence-based approach to implementing impact-driven education. By evaluating the educational models applied in the impact-driven education projects across our university, we learn which approaches are effective and fit the EUR context. This allows us to develop, test, refine and upscale models of impact-driven education. To support this systematic way of working, the Impact at the Core has an Evaluation Team of independent researchers.

Research scope Impact at the Core

Research questions

Research approach

Evaluation Team 

Prof. Arwin van Buuren – Academic Lead

Eldris Con Aguilar PhD – Postdoctoral Researcher

Joe Binetti PhD – Postdoctoral Researcher

Louise Smink - Jr Researcher

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