EUR Data Repository

EUR Data Repository

The EUR Data Repository is an online platform where you showcase your research and make it findable, citable, and reusable for others. 

Opening up research is part of Open Science: a global initiative towards more transparency in research and making it accessible to a wider audience. EUR has embraced Open Science. Many funders and journals have done so as well, meaning that opening up research has become part of good research practices. Depositing your data in the EUR Data Repository will allow you to comply with these requirements. 

The EUR Data Repository is based on the Figshare software, which is widely used by research institutions, funders, publishers, and other research-related organizations. The system is very user friendly; you can login with your ERNA credentials and you can upload files of any shape, size, and format. By default, items are published open, but if necessary you can set restrictions to who and how your data may be reused.

All published items get a DOI, but you can already reserve a DOI beforehand for you to include in your manuscript whilst it is being submitted or it is under review. A quick overview of how to use the EUR Data Repository can be found here.

The use of the EUR Data Repository is endorsed by the faculties. Watch the videos and let the research directors of ESE and RSM explain to you the benefits. 

Research director ESE: prof.dr. H.P.G. (Enrico) Pennings

Prof. dr. Enrico Pennings

Research director RSM: prof.dr. P.P.M.A.R. (Pursey) Heugens

Prof. dr. Pursey Heugens - RSM

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