Terms of Use

Please use the EUR Data Repository responsibly and make sure you only put content on the platform that is ready to be shared. To this end, we have a set of basic rules of conduct that summarize the terms of use.

The full terms of use can be found here.

Terms of Use:

    1. The EUR Data Repository is used only for depositing data and accompanying documentation underlying research and scientific publications; all file formats are accepted.
    2. If the data underlies a scientific publication, the DOI of that scientific publication should be included in the deposit.
    3. The maximum file size for uploading is set at 5 GB. For files exceeding this limit please contact us at datarepository@eur.nl.
    4. All deposits will be reviewed before final publishing. The reviewer may suggest changes to improve e.g. findability, interoperability and/or reusability of the dataset. 
    5. Only research data that does not infringe on any contracts, agreements, or intellectual property rights (e.g. copyright) can be published.
    6. Personal data must comply with EU privacy regulations (GDPR) before publication. If your dataset contains personal data, consult your faculty’s privacy officer before uploading it to the EUR Data Repository.
    7. Data of obscene and/or obscure nature e.g. violence, porn, offensive data, etc. cannot be published unless it is the subject of the research.
    8. The default license under which files will be published is CC-BY unless otherwise specified by the researcher.
    9. By using the EUR Data Repository the researcher accepts responsibility for ensuring that all published data is in line with the Terms & Conditions.

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