with a functional impairment

Studying with a functional impairment

Erasmus University considers it important that all its students are able to make optimum use of their talents. This is why the Erasmus University offers a number of additional provisions for students with a functional impairment who require additional support. Students with a functional impairment include both students with a physical disability or chronic illness, as well as students with dyslexia or another learning difficulty, and mental health conditions. All major buildings are accessible for people with a motor impairment and the provisions available per building can be viewed on this floorplan (under construction).

Arrange a meeting with the study advisor

If you have a functional impairment and think that your functional impairment could hinder you during your study, it is best to contact your study programme’s study advisor. You can also contact them before you start your study programme at the EUR. You can discuss the study programme with him or her and, if necessary, make arrangements for extra provisions. The study advisor can also help you with requesting additional examination provisions, such as extra time.
More information about requesting provisions

Inform us about your situation as quickly as possible via the study advisor, so we can respond to your situation in the best way possible.

Student counsellors

Your study advisor can refer you to a student counsellor for additional information or for the formal arrangement of any required adaptations. They can offer advice on complex issues including a student grant and or loan, adaptations or provisions to enable you to continue to follow your study programme or help you with personal issues that you prefer to discuss outside the study programme. They can also refer you to a specialist when necessary. In April 2017 a student counsellor focusing specifically on studying with a functional impairment was appointed (Marlijn Timmermans).
You can find her contact details and those of the other student counsellors who are also able to help