Educational Psychology: Learning and Performance

The Psychology curriculum consists of a series of modules or courses. Every course covers one specific psychological theme. All of the activities that you will undertake during this course, i.e. lectures, tutorials, practical meetings and assignments, are related to this theme. The master programme consists of three courses in which you will study the topics of the specialisation of Educational Psychology: Learning and Performance and one course in statistics.

In the second semester, from February onwards, you will conduct an empirical study and write your master thesis. In some cases it is possible to do an internship during this semester of the master programme.

Master student Craig talks about his thesis

I hope to help the FAIRPLAY project from both a practical and a research perspective.

A screenshot from the abcdeSIM simulation game. The game provides an online simulated emergency department with virtual patients, whereby medical students can practice their emergency care skills. Credits picture: abcdeSIM game, Erasmus University Medical Center/ VirtualMedSchool

Please click on one of the courses in the programme overview below to see the course descriptions. In the third block, there is a choice option where you will choose one of the courses and its associated practical.

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Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

Block 5-8

Practical Internship (optional), Research Proposal and Thesis ( + Internship) / Thesis ( without Internship)


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