Health Care Management

Why study Master Health Care Management

Do you aspire to be a critical thinking manager in the healthcare sector? Study Health Care Management in Rotterdam and be ideally prepared for a promising career.

Healthcare organisations worldwide are facing challenging issues caused by global trends, such as ageing and lifestyle changes. Good management is vital to solving these increasingly difficult issues in the healthcare sector. The master programme in Health Care Management equips you to live up to those challenges.

During this internationally oriented master in Health Care Management, you are trained to match knowledge from various academic fields (e.g. human resource management, quality & safety, financial management, logistics) with professional skills to deal with the complexities of contemporary healthcare problems and transitions. During this entire process, you never lose focus of patient demands and needs.

The master programme offers many opportunities to deepen your knowledge on topical healthcare issues and practise your personal skills as a (future) healthcare manager. For students who want to enhance their practical experience, internships are offered as part of the programme (instead of an elective course).

The programme is offered in both English (full time/ 1 year) and Dutch (part time/2 years).

Why study a Master in Health Care Management in Rotterdam?

• Healthcare is a dynamic field with many complex problems that you will face as a manager.
• Creative and flexible professionals with a proper academic background are needed to successfully deal with these problems.
• Practise academic, reflective and personal skills and be optimally prepared for a position as healthcare manager.

Target audience 

The master in Health Care Management aims to attract highly motivated and qualified students on their way to a promising career in healthcare management. The programme is open to students with (at least) a bachelor degree in a relevant field.