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International Economics
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International Economics programme offers you a comprehensive selection of topical global economics issues. You will explore and analyse the progressive integration of international goods, labour and capital markets and the decline in the national barriers that separated them in the past. You also address the effects that increased interdependence of economies has on governments, firms, their managers and employees. In short, you are guided to the frontiers of international economics research in both theory and practice.

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Would you like to know how globalisation impacts firms and, very important, workers at these firms? Are you interested in learning about companies’ internationalisation strategies? Did you always wonder how globalisation and economic development are related? Do you want to acquire tools that help you in predicting exchange rates? If yes, then you should consider the Master in International Economics.

You are well-prepared for this master specialisation if:

  • You like microeconomics, as international trade is microeconomics related to open economies
  • You have a decent background in mathematics and statistics
  • You have an analytical mindset
  • Your economic interests are not confined to just national markets
  • You like a challenging and international atmosphere in the lecture hall.

Why study International Economics in Rotterdam?

Rotterdam, the port of Europe, is the city to obtain knowledge regarding international economics par excellence. Here at Erasmus School of Economics, you surround yourself with students from all nationalities who are as ambitious and inquisitive as you are. Renowned researchers who publish regularly in leading international journals and leaders in business who are happy to share their insights will be teaching you: a perfect combination for a successful global career.

Choose the International Economics programme at Erasmus School of Economics for:

  • A deep understanding of economic forces and the impact of globalisation on goods and factor markets
  • Experienced, yet dynamic and passionate faculty members
  • Small scale lectures and seminars with active participation of students
  • A balanced curriculum of empirical as well as theoretical courses that bring students to the frontier of research in international economics
  • The opportunity to tailor your programme by choosing courses outside your own master.
An opportunity to gain a practical perspective of international economics and trade in today's globalised world.

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