Supply Chain Management

Career opportunities for Master Supply Chain Management

This programme offers a sound basis for careers in logistics improvement project management, consultancy and design. Drawing on longstanding relationships with recruiters, our professional Career Services staff is committed to helping you market your skills effectively to potential employers, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Many positions are related to supply chain management, including supply chain manager, distribution manager, warehouse manager, operations manager, production planning and inventory manager, sourcing/procurement/purchasing manager, and logistics information systems manager.

These job titles suggest you can find employment in a vast number of private, public or non-profit organisations in any sector. All companies, including service-oriented and non-profit organisations, operate supply chains and have value-adding processes which need continuous improvement.

The job market in logistics is therefore relatively insensitive to the state of the economy. In recessions, processes have to be redesigned to improve efficiency and competitiveness. In economic booms, processes have to be adapted to create new opportunities and beat the competition.